10 Mistakes Men Make With Women & How To Avoid Them (The Wing Girl Method)

10 Mistakes Men Make With Women & How To Avoid Them (The Wing Girl Method). Marni is my given name, and I am a female. However, not any woman. A unique woman. One that will reveal every dirty little secret about what women truly desire, not what they claim to desire.

I am a nationally recognized authority on the attraction, sex, and dating, and you may have recently seen me on Dr. Drew, Penthouse, CNN.com, Askmen.com, Mancow, The Huffington Post, or Men’s Health, or heard me on a variety of radio shows. I was recently voted #1 Wing Girl because I’ve taught thousands of great men like you how to make a woman desire you so badly that she’ll go to any length to obtain you!

I’m here to inform you about the small mistakes you may be making with women that you are probably unaware of.

Mistakes that immediately jeopardize your chances of attracting attractive, quality women into your life.

Women will never inform you of your errors. Rather than that, they’ll simply screen your calls, snub you, and inform their girlfriends.

Simple errors that can be corrected simply by being aware that you are making them.

This book will reveal the most common mistakes men make with women and will walk you through the process of avoiding them. My 50-page guidebook is devoid of falsehoods, “typical female advice,” and sleazy pick up artist techniques.

It contains the most powerful, step-by-step information available on how to penetrate a woman’s defenses and comprehend her like no man has ever done before. Bear in mind that a man who understands women will be able to attract the attention of any woman he desires. Today, become that man!

The Final Female Companion You’ll Ever Require,