14 Days Prayer & Fasting For Uncommon Miracles

14 Days Prayer & Fasting For Uncommon Miracles. “14 Days Prayer” is a book series that the Holy Spirit has created to address specific needs, problems, and circumstances. It will assist and guide you in prayer as you choose to seek God’s face regarding your circumstances or problems.

These 14-Days must be spent in fasting and prayer, as the Scripture states, “And He responded to them, this kind cannot be driven out except through prayer and fasting.” 9:29 Mark (AMP)

As a physician prescribes medication when you require medical attention, this is Divine Prescription for your spiritual needs, difficult situations, and spiritual warfare, among other things.

The “14-Days Prayer” series is a must-have for anyone who wishes to avoid repeating their situation. If you’re tired of what life has to offer or of what the enemy is doing with your life, it’s time to confront your situation with the power of well-organized and well-designed prayers that will meet your needs and transform your life.