51 Calorie Burning Activities Audio Book Plus Ebook.

Discover Which Exercises and Daily Activities Are the Most Calorie-Burning… Calorie counting is a critical component of weight loss. To maintain a balanced diet, we must burn almost as many calories as we ingest. Are you aware…

– 102 calories per 2 small chocolate chip cookies
– 4 onion rings have a calorie count of 153
– 204 calories per glazed doughnut

However, do not despair!

51 Calorie Burning Activities may be of assistance!

Additionally, did you know…

– 15 minutes on a treadmill can result in a calorie burn of 102!
– Golfing for 30 minutes can burn up to 153 calories!
– A 60-minute volleyball game might result in a calorie burn of 204!

All of these ideas and more are included in your copy of 51 Calorie Burning Activities, which is available now!

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