51 Ways To Reduce Allergies Audio Book Plus Ebook.

Do you despise spring? Do you flee when you see a dog or a cat? Do you always bring tissues with you? You are not alone in this. 51 Ways to Reduce Allergies may be of assistance!

Are you aware:

– Approximately 55% of all citizens in the United States test positive for one or more allergies.
– Annually, allergies cost the health care system over $18 billion.
– In the United States, allergies constitute the sixth greatest cause of chronic disease.
Each year, 18.4 million people and 6.7 million children are diagnosed with hay fever.
– Each year, allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, accounts for roughly 15 million doctor office visits.

Additionally, did you know:

– The source of your honey can help you avoid developing a pollen allergy.
– Vibrant flowers are less obtrusive than plain flowers.
– Allergy patients can benefit from the use of the proper vitamins and herbs.
– Ionizing air cleaners ARE NOT ALL THAT THEY SEEM.
– Alcohol might aggravate allergies.

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