Abundance Health

A great diet is a foundation for your wellness. In this book, you will
find positive words to help you reprogram your brain and develop
great eating habits.

Positive words are most effective if you utilize them at least twice
daily. The best time is 1st thing in the morning. The 2nd best time is
right before going to sleep. It would be good if you could utilize them
at both these times and then some time throughout the day also.

You may utilize these words to change your negative eating habits and
substitute them with much healthier ones. If you’re serious and you
utilize these words regularly you’ll start to naturally prefer eating
fruits and veggies, you won’t stuff yourself at every meal, and you’ll
keep away from compulsive eating behaviors in favor of regular

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Adventures In Contentment: A book about life and living.

Ray Stannard Baker was an American journalist who used the pen name David Grayson. After law school, he worked as a journalist in 1892 with the Chicago News-Record, where he covered the Pullman Strike and Coxey’s Army in 1894. He wrote a nine-volume series of stories about rural living in America, the first of which was titled “Adventures in Contentment” under the pseudonym David Grayson. The narrator describes his stifling life in the city before he moved to the country. His life changed for the better when he left the buried life behind. “It was as though, concerned with plow and harness and furrow, I had never known that the world had height or color or sweet sounds, or that there was _feeling_ in a hillside. I forgot myself, or where I was. I stood a long time motionless. My dominant feeling, if I can at all express it, was of a strange new friendliness, a warmth, as though these hills, this field about me, the woods, had suddenly spoken to me and caressed me. It was as though I had been accepted in membership, as though I was now recognized, after a long trial, as belonging here.”