Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health

Almond Eyes Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health

Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet, a national bestseller in India, is the fictional memoir of a wise Indian princess who recalls how the women of the Indian court discovered friendship, faith, and love through their beauty traditions. We travel alongside her as she recounts a lifetime of reassuring rituals, tantalizing textures, colors, and fragrances, exquisite jewels and adornments, and various beauty and health secrets passed down through generations of women through word of mouth.

Sharada Dwivedi, an Indian native, and Shalini Devi Holkar, an Indian princess by marriage, draw on the oral histories of privileged Indian women to capture and revive their numerous wonderful and wise beauty traditions in Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet. As a result, a rich cultural tapestry has been created, filled with ancient remedies, recipes, and tonics that soften skin, silken hair, enrich the body, and lift the spirit in ways that store-bought products cannot. Additionally, the book includes a glossary of plants, flowers, spices, and grains, as well as simple home remedies for women of all ages—from puberty to pregnancy to menopause—including the following:

For cleansing and exfoliation, almond-saffron

For acne and pimples, papaya-mint tea

Honey and cream for dry skin and wrinkles

For post-natal strength, cress and rosewater

Tulsi Kadha (Basil Tea) can be used to treat coughs and morning sickness.

Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet is a treasure trove of time-honored health and beauty practices that will delight the senses of modern women everywhere.