An Outline of Esoteric Science

An Outline of Esoteric Science,

Published in 1909 (CW 13)

“Esoteric science is the study of what occurs esoterically, in the sense that it is perceived not outside in nature but within one’s soul as it turns toward the spirit. Esoteric science is the polar opposite of natural science and its counterpart.” Steiner, Rudolf

This esoteric opus situates humanity squarely in the center of the enormous, invisible processes of cosmic evolution. When we refer to “natural science,” aren’t we referring to human knowledge of nature?

Steiner continually refined and updated his Rosicrucian cosmology in order to make it more precise and accurate. An Outline of Esoteric Science is as significant and relevant today as it was in 1910, and continues to be the most thorough and convincing explanation of a spiritual alternative to contemporary materialistic cosmologies and a strictly Darwinian perspective of human nature and evolution.

This seminal work of spiritual science demonstrates how humanity’s birth and evolution are entwined in the vast, unseen web of interacting cosmic entities, through which the alchemical processes of cosmic evolution continue to evolve. Included are descriptions of the human being’s physical-spiritual makeup; the relationship of the various “bodies” of the human being to sleep and death; and a comprehensive, practical guide to methods and exercises, including the “Rose Cross Meditation,” that enable us to gain knowledge of the spiritual worlds.

The most astonishing and revolutionary component of this work is Steiner’s key role for Christ and his engagement in human and earthly evolution via the Golgotha Mystery.

An Esoteric Science Overview is required reading for all serious students of esoteric spirituality and Anthroposophy.


Clopper Almon’s Introduction
Rudolf Steiner’s Preface
1. The Nature of Esoteric Science 2. The Human Being
3. Death and Sleeping; 4. Cosmic Evolution and the Human Being;
5. Initiation into the Higher Worlds of Knowledge
6. The Present and Future of Cosmic and Human Evolution 7. Specifics from the Field of Spiritual Science
Appendix: Early Introductions to Rudolf Steiner

This is a translation of Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss (GA 13).