Angel Magic: The Ancient Art of Summoning & Communicating With Angelic Beings

From the Angel of Love to the Angel of Quiet…fifty ‘angels’ – or virtues or attitudes – to inspire and help for a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. In the Bible, angels are God’s messengers, images of God’s presence. They demonstrate that there is more to our lives, that they are connected to something larger than ourselves. Here, each person embodies a virtue, meaning, power, and strength. Each is both an inspiration for a deep desire and a spiritual traveling companion who gives us hope and confidence that we can achieve that desire. ‘Angels are here beside us,’ says the author,’ so that we are not here alone praying to God with our troubles.’ ‘God is near; you are bathed in God’s healing and loving presence,’ angels tell us. Meet the Angel of Truth, the Angel of Mercy, the Angel of Courage, the Angel of Gratitude, the Angel of Forgiveness, the Angel of Patience, the Angel of Freedom, and many more. They enable us to fully become what they are – and we are already – manifestations of God’s grace. All of them are Grace angels. Anselm Gruen is a Benedictine monk, spiritual guide, and retreat leader. His books’ growing international success demonstrates his ability to appeal to people’s needs in a straightforward and direct manner. His books are inspiring and empowering, and they emerge from a Christian context concerned with wholeness and healing without regard for any limiting school of thought.