Aristotle’s Way How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life

Aristotle’s Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life.

Aristotle was the first philosopher to inquire into subjective happiness, and he grasped its nature better and more clearly than any other philosopher. According to Aristotle, happiness is not about physical well-being but rather a condition of lasting contentment, which should be the ultimate objective of human life. We achieve happiness through identifying a purpose, discovering our potential, and adjusting our behavior to become our best selves. With these goals in mind, Aristotle devised a humane program for happiness that has endured the test of time, incorporating much of what we now connect with the ideal life: significance, creativity, and positivity. Most significantly, Aristotle saw happiness as a possibility for the vast majority of us—but only if we choose to commit ourselves to its creation—and he set the bar high. “If you believe that the purpose of human life is to increase happiness,” Hall argues, “then you are a developing Aristotelian.”

Hall lays out the core of Aristotle’s thought in competent yet vivid current language, interspersing moving autobiographical experiences with a wealth of ancient knowledge. For Hall, whose understanding of Aristotle has significantly enriched her own life, this is a very personal issue. She summarizes a career of the most esoteric and brilliant knowledge into ten practical and universal principles to help us tackle life’s hardest and critical situations.