Baking Soda Power! Frugal and Natural:

Health, Cleaning, and Hygiene Secrets of Baking Soda

Do you want to learn 60+ ways baking soda can clean your home, cook meals, and even cure canker sores… 100% naturally and non-chemically?

All this from a tiny 99 cent box of baking soda? You bet! You need to learn the secrets behind Baking Soda Power!
Baking Soda Power! will teach you everything you need to know about baking soda – where it comes from, why it is superior to artificial substitutes, and why it even works — so you can go beyond the methods I give you and create your own.
You’ll learn over 60 creative, useful, and FRUGAL ways to use baking soda – and I guarantee that at least 50 will be new to you! You’ll learn how to make this environmentally friendly, non-toxic, 100% safe product work for you in ways you never thought possible – and reap the benefits of a healthier and chemical-free lifestyle!

We’ll hop from the kitchen, bathroom, stovetop, oven, laundry, outdoors, carpet, furniture, car, and even your children and pets to uncover some great and unique uses for baking soda!
Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Baking Soda Power!

•The origin of baking soda and exactly why it is so effective
•How to treat bug bites and burns
•How to freshen up your shoes and laundry
•How to degrease your kitchen with baking soda
•How to cook and bake with baking soda
•How to use baking soda as a deodorant and shampoo
•How to put out fires with baking soda
•How to unclog drains safely
•How to tenderize meat and make homemade Gatorade with baking soda
PRECISE recipes for each use!
And so many more ways to apply baking soda to your everyday needs!

With Baking Soda Power! you will learn how baking soda can save you loads of money each year by replacing toxic, dangerous cleaning agents that are in your house right now. Cooking will be more convenient, your home will be much cleaner and fresher smelling, and your own hygiene will be bettered in a completely safe and non-chemical way. You will never do laundry the same!

You’ll see how versatile baking soda is and the countless ways it can benefit your life.
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Free Bonus

The Garlic Miracle: Discover The Amazing Health, Beauty, & Detox Benefits Of This Powerful Herb

If you are not planning to fight vampires with garlic today, let’s fight some pathogens and other pests. Starting from microbes to big pests, garlic can keep harmful things away from you. Garlic is something which everyone knows unless you were born before 2000 BC. Every cuisine and every culture in the world uses garlic differently. Garlic has a lot of advantages and a few side effects. This book talks about garlic and its uses. It also provides precautionary information about the bulb. Though garlic helps to repel a lot of infections, it is very prone to fungal infections and other pests. Thus, the garlic you buy from the supermarket would have pesticides attached to it. Going organic is the best way. This book teaches about growing, harvesting, curing, storing, and using garlic. Why do you need this book? There are a lot of medical conditions which you may not find severe enough to get medical help but are causing a lot of problems in your daily life, like flatulence, heartburn, stinky feet problem, and many others. This book tells you that all it takes is a clove of garlic to reduce all the problems. The book also explains about using garlic as a cosmetic for skin and hair care. Imagine a person applying garlic on his face and imagine how much he would stink. However, using the right set of essential oils and other ingredients, the book helps you to make face packs and hair lotions, which would have the effects that garlic does but you would not have to deal with its smell.

What You’ll Learn from “The Garlic Miracle”

• The stinking rose • Why garlic? • Garlic as a cosmetics • Garlic is not perfect • Your own garlic plant • Cooking with garlic