The Black Book of Training Secrets: Best Meal After Workout Bodybuilding

If you want to be bigger, stronger, faster, and more powerful, you have found the book to get you there. This is a great book because it was written by a great coach: Christian Thibaudeau. Like all respected and influential coaches, Christian has a strong background in athletic training, but he’s not confined by it. He blends his education and his hands-on experiences into a training philosophy that can benefit anyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors to those of us who just want to look great naked.

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Better Than Steroids

Better Than Steroids is a summary of what you need to know to be a successful bodybuilder, athlete, or just look freaking good! It covers in a stepwise fashion, the information you need to succeed and get your ultimate physique.

It reviews why and how anabolic steroids work, which will lead us into why food programs, eating plans, and tricks like the pre and post-workout meal are not only comparable to anabolic steroids but better! Also discussed is the importance of tracking your body composition, as those who are meticulous enough to do so are the ones who keep improving.

Vital topics for bodybuilders and physique artists include a quick synopsis of water and information on Insulin and using its powerful anabolic activity in the way you eat. Also reviewed is the importance of The Free Window and its power in building muscle mass and creating a degree of leanness unimaginable while still enjoying a few of your favorite foods.

The meat of the book is the eating plans: The top four eating plans for guaranteed success. They come with detailed instructions on how they work when they work best, and how to design one for yourself. From leaning up to bulking up, these are the eating plans that work. They teach you how to use the most powerful drug out there, food, to your advantage. Dr. Willey says all the time: “Anyone can exercise, but only the ones who know HOW to eat make improvements and look good!”

This is followed by the pre and post-workout meals, the most important meals in a bodybuilder’s day. With this information on utilization of these powerful meals, the mass gain is optimized, fat is burned, soreness is reduced and recovery is enhanced! I then cover glycogen super compensation, a dominant technique in the quest for maximal muscle gain.

There is a detailed review of one of the most successful cardio routines out there, the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program. Also included is a detailed section on weight lifting practices, as monotony in the gym will be the death of your goal attainment.

Finally, BTS provides some algorithms for putting all the information together for your optimal achievement.

Better Than Steroids is the most comprehensive study on bodybuilding nutrition. Join the thousands of successful readers and finally get that ultimate physique! This information is absolutely essential to not only obtaining that body you want but maintaining the body you worked for!