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A solid hard chest, horseshoe triceps, and ripped abs too. Skyrocketing upper body power. Even bragging rights among friends. The pushup and its cousin the bodyweight dip offer all this and much more. If you had to choose only two exercises to perform this would be the first half (the second being pull-ups of course!)

Exploring the Pushup
Used everywhere from the schoolyard to the gym and dojo to the sand and dirt of special forces training camps the push-up is rightly beloved as one of the simplest and best exercises we could ever perform. Embrace it.
Here are some pushup tips to keep in mind.
* Always use Proper Pushup Form. Many of us have picked up bad habits in the way we execute our pushups over the years. Here’s the proper pushup form:
1. Keep yourself stiff and tight – including your abs. 2. Elbows at a forty-five degrees angle at the sides of your body. 3. Take a breath as you lower your chest to the floor. 4. Exhale as you press up. 5. Repeat.
* Engage your Mind while doing Pushups. It’s helpful to visualize your palms exploding through the floor while doing your pushups as a means of building more explosive power.
* Raise your Feet for an Upper Chest Emphasis. Place your feet on a chair, bed or better yet an inflatable exercise ball to focus the emphasis of the pushup more greatly on the upper chest and shoulders. This can help develop a more pleasing physique by most accounts.
* Don’t be Frightened to go High Volume. It’s not uncommon for Bodyweight Training enthusiasts to do 100, 250, or even 500 pushups every few days.

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