Breast Health the Natural Way

Breast Health the Natural Way: The Women’s Natural Health Series

Learn how to improve your breast health and overall well-being.

Only about 10% of breast cancers are hereditary or genetic in nature; the majority are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. This means that you can take charge of your breast health and help prevent cancer and a variety of other common breast problems.

Breast Health the Natural Way is a compassionate guide that combines mainstream and alternative medical advice, nutrition, exercise, and mind-body medicine into a simple, five-step program for ensuring the health of your breasts. Dr. Deborah Gordon explains, with reassuring understanding of women’s concerns: * Healthy food choices for breast health—including powerful cancer-fighting sources
* Hormone therapy and determining whether it is right for you Exercise and meditation/visualization techniques to reduce your risk of breast cancer * How to conduct a proper breast self-examination * How to understand and manage breast changes during pregnancy * Other breast conditions, such as cyclic fibrocystic changes, breast pain, nipple discharge, implants, breast reconstruction, and mastectomy

Breast Health the Natural Way, written exclusively for women, provides you with the insight, information, and tools you need to ensure the health of your breasts—and the rest of your body.