Classic Short Stories VOL 1

Audio Books: Five Short stories to entertain your mind, make you think, and feel connected to humanity. Written by some of the worlds greatest know authors. Sit back and enjoy a quiet evening with some of history’s most beloved classics.


1. A Hunger Artist
A man who is known only as “the hunger artist” and fasts for a living travels from town to European town with the impresario (his manager). In each town, the hunger artist chooses a public location and puts himself on display in a locked, straw-lined cage, where he fasts for periods of up to forty days. In the hunger artist’s heyday, people from all over the surrounding area come to witness his performances. Children especially are drawn to him, and when the hunger artist is not hypnotically withdrawn in the cage, he talks to them and answers their questions with a smile. The adults also avidly monitor the hunger artist’s progress, but they generally do so out of suspicion that the hunger artist is sneaking food. To the hunger artist’s frustration, the townspeople assign men, usually butchers, to ensure that the hunger artist does not eat during the night. Even more annoying to the hunger artist, however, is that these men deliberately turn a blind eye to the hunger artist as if to allow him to steal a bite of food. The hunger artist sings to prove that he is not eating, but the people think he has simply mastered the art of eating and singing simultaneously.

2. Night Out
In the rear of the eighty-thou sand-dollar cottage, there was a thirty-thousand-dollar flower-garden – an oppressively clean garden, where the big Jack-roses were as immaculate as a mama’s Lizzie boy, and the well-bred, timid little violets seemed to long to play in the dirt, yet dared not because of the master-rule of form. And here the clean cat used to sun himself in the clean garden, think ing his clean thoughts and perish ing of ennui clean through.

3. A Question of Time
The native pilot who is to take the gunboat Utica around from Ilo Ilo to Capiz is a traitor. I have just discovered indisputable proofs of that fact. He has agreed to run the gunboat aground on a ledge near one of the Gigantes Islands, on which a force of insurgents is to
be hidden, large enough to overpower the men on the gunboat in her disabled condition. Do not let her leave Ilo Ilo until you have a new pilot, and one you are sure of.  Captain James Demauny, of the American army in the Philippine Islands,
folded the dispatch which he had just written and sealed it. Then, calling an orderly to him he said, “Send Sergeant Johnson to me.”

4. Cheating the Gallows
Odd couple Tom Peters and Everard G Roxdal are two inseparable lodgers, but a bank robbery threatens their intense friendship. And what about the cash?

5. Gift of The Magi
The story tells of a young husband and wife and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other with very little money. As a sentimental story with a moral lesson about gift-giving, it has been popular for adaptation, especially for presentation at Christmas time. The plot and its twist ending are well-known, and the ending is generally considered an example of comic irony. It was allegedly written at Pete’s Tavern