Creative Visualization For Dummies

Creative Visualization For Dummies.

The secret to achieving your life goals — from the man who has!
Author Robin Nixon understands that worldly success has little to do with the world. As a businessman who has built, owned, and sold software companies, a nightclub, and a bed and breakfast (plus a couple of alehouses), he understands that worldly success has little to do with the world. It begins with oneself—with one’s most intimate thoughts. When your thoughts are altered, they have the potential to alter your behavior, immediate universe, and, indeed, your destiny. Known as “Creative Visualization,” this deceptively simple technique has a cult following that includes Oprah Winfrey. In Creative Visualization For Dummies, Robin Nixon teaches you how to use practical tools to help you define your goals, increase your assertiveness and self-confidence, and boost your energy and creativity—all while embarking on a new path of self-fulfillment.

Included are beneficial visualization techniques and exercises that will assist you in tuning into the mind/body connection.
Provides psychological strategies that enable you to take significant steps toward success and happiness.
For those seeking a new direction or finally mastering the art of creating their own luck, this candid guide—from the man who has profited from its secrets—will provide an inspiring game plan for a fresh start.