Daoist Magical Talismans The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic

Daoist Magical Talismans: The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic.  This magnificent book contains an in-depth introduction to magical talismans, their applications, and the various types of magical talismans (i.e., Talismans for Making Spirits Appear, Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant, Talismans for Shape Shifting, Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk, Talismans for Invisibility, Talismans To Heal Sickness, Talismans for Protection, Talismans for Destroying Friendships, and Talismans for Creating Sickness), The Magical Talismans’ Origins, The Magical Talisman’s Secret Teachings, Constructing a Magical Talisman Numerous Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books, Talismans were used to summon the spirits of the dead, to command demons, and to break into Hell and liberate the souls of the dead. The Incantation for Summoning the Righteous’s Magical Powers, Celestial Master Zhang’s Magical Ability for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases, The Magic Talismans of the Heavenly King for Avoiding Disasters, Magic Seals for Energetically Activating Spirit Money, Talismans for Making Peace, Talismans and Incantations for Curing Pain and Stopping Bleeding, Talisman Seals For Binding and Containing Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Mao Shan Talismans For Inducing Infatuation in Order to Maintain a Mate, Mao Shan Protection Talismans For Fighting Against Black Magic and Psychic Attacks, and much more!