Daoist Mineral, Plant and Animal Magic The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic

Daoist Mineral, Plant and Animal Magic: The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic.  The book includes chapters on the Mineral Realm, Alchemical Transformations of Minerals, the History of Magical and Medicinal Rocks, Mineral and Crystal Formation, and Minerals in Traditional Chinese Pharmacology. Absorbing the Healing Properties of Gems, Formulating Gem Ens Elixirs, and Cleaning the Crystal with Sunlight, Moonlight, Flowing Water, or Earth Cleansing and Incantations in a Ritualistic Manner, Charging a Stone, Storing and Caring for the Gem Elixir, Dose and Administration Toxic Stones, Planetary Gem Elixirs, Classification of Planetary Gem Elixirs and Their Specific Properties Lapidary (The Mysterious Powers of Rocks and Gemstones), The Magical Properties of Gemstones and Minerals Mineral and Stone-based Magical Defenses Ritual Cleansing, Altar Room Purification, Summoning the Celestial Immortals, Opening, Imprinting, and Activating a Magical Stone Using Breath Incantations Bringing the Ritual to a Close and Concluding the Magical Ceremony The Energetic Magical Properties of Gemstone Formulas Divination with a White Jade Ball, Crystal Healing, Prayer Beads (Malas), Using the Prayer Stone Beads, Types of Prayer Beads, Using Malas As An Oracle, Using Malas to Ward Off Ghosts, Magical Stone Rings, Imprisoning a Spirit in a Magic Ring, Other Techniques Using Magical Rings, Magic Stone Talismans, Secret Powers of Metals, Planetary Metals, Spirit Rocks Additionally, this book includes an introduction to the alchemical transformations of plants, superior, medium, and inferior herbs, gathering energy from nature, the magical properties of trees, gathering Qi from trees, locating tree power spots, precautions, tree spirits, and forest spirits. The Magical Properties of Plants, Visionary Plants, Qi Harvesting from Plants, Energy Harvesting from Bushes, Suffumigation, and Meditation for