Dying to be men

Dying to be Men: Psychosocial, Environmental, and Biobehavioral Directions in Promoting the Health of Men and Boys (The Routledge Series on Counseling and Psychotherapy with Boys and Men Book: Masculinity has a profound effect on men and boys’ health. Indeed, numerous behaviors they engage in in order to “be men” actually increase their risk of disease, injury, and death. Dr. Will Courtenay, an internationally renowned expert on men’s health, lays the groundwork for understanding this perplexing reality in this book. He identifies specific gender differences in men’s and boys’ health-related attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, as well as the health consequences of these differences, through a comprehensive review of data and literature. He then discusses the powerful social, environmental, institutional, and cultural influences that both encourage and constrain their unhealthy behaviors. In the third section of the book, he delves deeper into the health needs of specific male populations, including ethnic minorities, rural men, men in college, and men in prison. Additionally, Courtenay discusses four empirical studies conducted in collaboration with multidisciplinary colleagues that examine the relationships between masculinity and men’s and boys’ health beliefs and practices. Finally, he offers concrete strategies and an evidence-based practice guideline for working with men in a variety of settings, as well as a glimpse into the future of men’s health.