Earth Divination Earth Magic Practical Guide to Geomancy

Earth Divination: Earth Magic: Practical Guide to Geomancy. It’s here! John Michael Greer’s Earth Divination, Earth Magic is the definitive guide to geomancy, the western world’s forgotten oracle. Geomancy’s full potential is finally revealed in this book. After reading this book, you may decide to make geomancy your primary method of divination, or you may simply incorporate it into another system you already use.

How does it work, then? Easy! Simply make several rows of dots or marks in the earth with a stick (some people use pencil dots on a piece of paper). Create a random number for them. The book then demonstrates how to convert each of these into one of the sixteen geomantic figures depicted on a shield chart quickly and easily.

By following the book’s keys to the figures — including their symbols, divinatory meanings, and colors — you’ll be able to interpret the figures using three distinct methods. You can obtain additional information by transferring the figures to a zodiacal chart. The wealth of information available is mind-boggling.

However, there is more! Additionally, you will learn how to use geomancy as a foundation for performing magic. The book delves into a variety of rituals, including how to invoke the powers of planetary spirits, create talismans, consecrate tools, practice sigil magick, and locate lost items or missing people.

Earth Divination, Earth Magic restores geomancy to its former prominence as a method of divination and magic. Additionally, for the first time ever, a translation of a 600-year-old handbook of geomancy by Pietro de Abano is included!