Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

Earths Forbidden Secrets.  In all reality, any plausible theory must be thoroughly evaluated. All of the world’s leading archaeological teams must pool their resources; all available information must be accessed and viewed collectively; all monuments must be examined “en masse,” and all ancient texts from all countries must be studied collectively, though this may never happen due to the world’s population’s constant religious and racial bickering. Many of these ancient tales have been dismissed as pure myth and fantasy, but when these ancient’myths’ are corroborated by one another and by physical evidence, and when such inexplicable evidence is found to be adequately explained by the myths, it stands to reason that a closer examination may be in order. Could some of these ancient texts and scriptures actually contain sophisticated scientific information concealed within the narrative via code or numerology, as Newton and many others believed? Is a coming ‘Armageddon’ imminent?