Everyday Yoga Meditation Still Your Mind and Find Inner Peace Through the Transformative Power of Kriya

Everyday Yoga Meditation: Still Your Mind and Find Inner Peace Through the Transformative Power of Kriya Yoga.  A stunningly illustrated book of authentic Yoga Meditation techniques that promotes the practice of Yoga in its broadest sense – as a vehicle for calming the mind, increasing awareness and contentment, and cultivating profound inner peace.

Using primarily the Kriya Yoga tradition – the goal of which is to align individual consciousness with Divine, or Universal, Consciousness – yoga and meditation teacher Stephen Sturgess demonstrates in this book how to progress beyond the supple body to the vital, contented mind.

After elucidating the profound value of Yoga Meditation, outlining the Eight Limbs of Yoga (as presented by the ancient sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras text), and providing clear, comprehensive explanations of our internal energy system (including kundalini, chakras, nadis, the three bodies, and the five sheaths), Stephen then presents a diverse range of yoga practices that can be used as a regulative practice. If we consider the body to be a temple, the combination of asana, purification, and pranayama practices first cleans the temple windows – constructing the physical body and mind – before the meditations shine light into the inner sanctum, illuminating the Inner Self and facilitating a profound sense of spirituality and peace.

At the conclusion, a section is devoted to assisting readers in developing their personal practice, including advice on how to live with increased awareness, how to incorporate yoga meditation into daily life, and a variety of specially designed morning and evening routines ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour 45.

In summary, readers are guided on a practical and nurturing journey toward increased calm, joy, happiness, harmony, and personal fulfillment in life, where they will discover their full capacity for both creative thought and action.