Exercises In Bed: A very enlightening and life-changing book. Take charge of your health and age in reverse. Discover the 10 Rules to Follow.  Everyone Can Improve Their Health!! You cannot pick up a magazine today without articles giving suggestions or making promises. What caught my eye was stretch every morning before you get out of bed. New! I don t think so. Written in 1907, Exercising in Bed is the simplest & most effective system of exercise ever devised. All muscles and organs increase in size, strength & elasticity when properly exercised. This is the secret of health, strength, and longevity of life. Give this a try stick to it you will be surprised what it will do for you.

Sanford Bennett the man who aged in reverse at age 70, was born in Philadelphia. He invented an extensive exercise regime of self-care that involved muscular contraction and relaxation exercises for rejuvenating the entire body. His ideas and practices were popularized in a number of newspapers of his time, including the San Francisco Chronicle in 1906 and in several books he authored.

Bennett formulated an exercise routine and also added medical diagrams of the muscles and organs of the body to his descriptions of exercise routines that he claims could rejuvenate the body, sponsor excellent health, and reverse aging. His exercises could be carried out in bed for a quarter or half-hour.

Bennett was a proponent of periodic fasting and a vegetarian diet characterized by “well-cooked vegetables”. He recommended “nature’s principal methods of inducing health—sunlight, pure air, pure water, nourishing food, cleanliness, and exercise.”

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