Fabulous Creatures, Mythical Monsters, and Animal Power Symbols A Handbook

Fabulous Creatures, Mythical Monsters, and Animal Power Symbols: A Handbook.

From Chinese dragons and Native North American thunderbirds to Celtic and Norse demon hounds, Eason presents a comprehensive account of the mythology, stories, and folklore surrounding fantastic and odd fantasy creatures from various locations and eras. She explains how, in Ancient Egypt and the Classical and Celtic eras, people identified with the idealized attributes of intelligent creatures as a source of power and a better understanding of their own personalities, and used the behavior of birds and other sacred creatures to receive oracular information.

This book includes both traditional and lesser-known folklore and legend about familiar real-life creatures like the horse, cat, and raven, as well as the strange and wonderful world of saints who claimed to transform into deer and modern cryptozoological monsters like Bigfoot, Mothman, and lake and sea monsters, as well as the rationale behind the Aztecs’ animal or headed deities, Eg.