Fasting - The Ultimate Diet & Bonus Book Fasting As a Way of Life

Fasting – The Ultimate Diet & Bonus Book: Fasting As a Way of Life.  Lose up to 5 pounds on a one-day fast. Fasting is not starving! Adult humans frequently fast for a period of time for cosmetic, religious, or medical reasons. For example, approximately 14% of US adults report using fasting to manage their weight, and this approach has long been advocated as an intermittent treatment for severe refractory obesity. There are unique historical data sets on extreme forms of food restriction that shed light on the effects of starvation or semi-starvation on previously healthy, but typically non-obese, subjects. These include medical reports on hunger strikers, famine victims, and prisoners of war. These data detail the body’s adaptation to prolonged starvation. Fasting for the biblical period of 40 days and 40 nights has previously been demonstrated to be well within the physiological capabilities of a healthy adult. However, the specific effects on the human body and mind are less well documented, either in the short term (hours) or over time (days) (days). The following three questions, which are relevant to any weight-loss therapy, are addressed in this review: I How effective is the regime at promoting weight loss, and (ii) what effect does it have on psychological well-being? Finally, (iii) does it work in the long run?