Feminine Lost

Feminine Lost: Why Most Women are Male

Feminine Lost is an examination of the premise that all humans are composed of two energies, one masculine and one feminine. Many women have migrated to their masculine side as a result of the feminist movement, some to the point of losing access to their feminine side entirely. As a result, men have discovered their feminine side. This process has had a profound effect on men’s and women’s relationships, frequently leaving them dissatisfied within their relationships or alone in the absence of one.

Feminine Lost examines female archetypes – the Andro Woman, the Cougar, and the Good Doer, among others – that have risen to prominence since the feminist movement, juxtaposing them with their masculine counterparts and examining how attraction works in these situations. When the feminine principle is violated, numerous consequences follow. Feminine Lost dispels popular misconceptions about what it means to be feminine; it is not about outward appearance but about something far more profound.