Food Full of Life Nourishing Body, Soul, and Spirit

Food Full of Life: Nourishing Body, Soul and Spirit.

Is organic and biodynamic food worth the extra prices frequently paid by consumers?
Which facets of our being are nourished by the food we consume?
How can we best protect the life forces contained in our food through various techniques of cultivating and cooking it?

There has been a growing awareness of the quality of the food we eat in recent years, coupled with a growing distrust of many parts of large-scale ‘agri-industry.’ As a result of these concerns, many customers began purchasing organic and biodynamic produce.

Many people are finding it tough to make those purchasing decisions in the current economic climate. Organic food is frequently more expensive, and traditional experts assert that it has no additional nutritional value. This book casts doubt on the veracity of these assertions.

Gill Bacchus finds that contemporary scientific approaches are incapable of revealing or quantifying the true biological processes that contribute to the quality of our food. The author examines how the Earth’s formative energies, particularly sunlight, are critical for the health of plants and animals, drawing on concepts from organics and Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamics. Our selected ways of growing, processing, and cooking either enhance or destroy the living energy contained in our food.

She believes that sustaining ourselves intelligently is necessary for the health of not only our bodies, but also our consciousness, thinking, and emotions, and offers suggestions on how we can learn to identify and choose food that is ‘full of life and light’.