From Failure to Success: Everyday Habits and Exercises to Build Mental Resilience and Turn Failures Into Successes.

Discover Simple Habits and Exercises That Will Help You Survive Failure and Achieve Success

How frequently have you failed and given up in frustration or discouragement? How frequently does failure undermine your resolve and return you to square one, only to fail repeatedly with little hope that anything will ever change?

From Failure to Success: Everyday Habits and Exercises to Build Mental Resilience and Turn Failures Into Successes, by bestselling author Martin Meadows, explains what failure is and how to deal with it constructively in order to achieve success.

The author has endured numerous setbacks in his own life. He spent several years launching business after business that failed. He struggled to alter his physique despite following all of the experts’ advice. For a long time, his social life was non-existent due to his crippling shyness. He shares his vast experience in the book about how he transformed failure into a friend and finally achieved the success he had been striving for for years.

Here is a sampling of what you will learn in the book:

– A new perspective on failure. By implementing this mental shift, you will alter your perception of what failure and success are and will train your brain to convert obstacles into wins automatically.

– Seven distinct types of failure and how to deal with them, including self-sabotage, fear, unrealistic expectations, and self-licensing. Each chapter discusses a different source of failure and includes tips on how to overcome and avoid it in the future, as well as valuable exercises to help you better understand the concepts discussed.

– Five rules and exercises for cultivating and sustaining a success-oriented mindset. Discover five principles that the author lives by to ensure that, despite failures, he eventually achieves success with any goal he sets his mind to.

– A five-step process for dealing with failure and rebounding If you’re having difficulty recovering from failure, this strategy will walk you through the process of processing the failure and restarting your efforts.

– Three master strategies for sustaining strength. Discover three fundamental techniques that will assist you in developing mental fortitude and resilience.

– Four reasons to abandon your quest. Contrary to what many self-help authors assert, it is sometimes preferable to give up than to continue attempting. Discover when and why it’s better to abandon your objective in favor of another.

– Ten empowering stories about individuals who overcame insurmountable obstacles and transformed their struggles into enormous successes. Discover how to apply what you’ve learned through real-world examples from all walks of life.

Failure is an unavoidable part of life. You can either become enraged with it or befriend it and use it to help you change your life. You have a choice. If you’d rather take a more constructive approach in the hope of eventually winning, purchase the book now, study it thoroughly, and apply the lessons to your own life. You, too, can cultivate mental fortitude and transform setbacks into triumphs!