Gayatri – The Super Science
Gayatri: The Super Science The Highest Meditation The human brain is an incredible cosmic computer. Even the brightest scientists are in awe of the activity, movement, and potentiality of each of its cells. The direction in which these cells are applied generates a great deal of energy. All of a person’s bodily energy is directed toward his desires, aspirations, and cravings. The masters of Mantra Vidya know that words are uttered by different parts of the mouth such as, throat (larynx), tongue, teeth, lips and the root of the tongue. During speech, the nerve fibers of the particular parts of the mouth from which sound emits stretch upto different parts of the body and put pressure on the corresponding glands. If particular glands of the person concerned are diseased or dysfunctional he starts stammering while uttering the specific words. There are many large and small, visible and invisible glands in the body. Yogis know that some specific energies lie hidden in these glands, Shat-Chakras (six energy centres) related to the Sushumana are quite well-known but there are several other such glands in the body. The utterance of different words has its impact on different glands and by such impact, the energy of these glands gets stimulated. Mantras have been composed on this basis. There are twenty-four letters in Gayatri-Mantra which are related to twenty-four such glands located in the body which, on getting stimulated, activate and awaken the powers of righteous wisdom. By uttering Gayatri Mantra the sitar of the subtle (Sookshma) body of the Sadhak starts playing, tinkling at twenty-four points, creating sound waves which impact important elements of the invisible world. It is this impact which becomes more and more pronounced and tangible through Gayatri Sadhana. It is shown in the sketch , which particular letter of Gayatri is related to which part of the body. The details are given in the following chart :-
Letter (Gland) Granthi Involved Energy
  • tat Tapini success
  • sa Saphalta bravery (Parakram)
  • vi Vishwa maintenance (Palan)
  • tur Tushti wellbeing (Kalyan)
  • va varda Yog
  • re revati love (prem)
  • ni Sookshma money
  • yam gyana brilliance(tej)
  • bhar bharga defence (raksha)
  • go gomati intellect (buddhi)
  • de devika suppression (daman)
  • va varahi devotion (nistha)
  • sya sinhani dharna (power of retention)
  • dhee dhyan Pran (life-breath)
  • ma maryada self-restraint (sanyam)
  • hi sfuta tap
  • dhi medha far-sightedness
  • yo yogmaya jagriti (awakening)
  • yo yogini production
  • naha dharini sarasta (sweetness)
  • pra prabhava ideal
  • cho ooshma courage
  • da drashya wisdom (vivek)
  • yat niranjan sewa (service)
Gayatri activates the above-mentioned twenty-four divine qualities in the devotee. With their growth, varied accomplishments (Siddhis) and prosperity start manifesting in the life of the devotees. Most of the people think that some god or goddess is bestowing these gifts because they are unable to see and understand the working of these subtle divine energies and the transformations flowing therefrom. Once they understand that transformations are taking place as a result of their own Sadhana they would realise that it is not by way of some unexpected gift from somewhere but is the result of a well organized scientific process of spiritual growth. Gayatri Sadhana is not based on blind faith but has a solid scientific basis.