Healthy Diet & Weight Loss For Kids: 

Healthy Diet & Weight Loss For Kids is one of those books that can change the life of your entire family. Obesity Is a Condition That Can Shorten Your Life and Can Seriously Affect You Mentally and Physically

It often has its roots in childhood. Obesity in children is growing at a frighteningly fast rate. There are more obese children now than ever before. Parents are letting their carelessness with their own diets spill over into their children’s lives.

Here are a few points to think about when trying to prevent obesity and health problems for your children.

Small children are normally energetic and often require snacks in-between meals. It is most important to choose healthy snacks for your children.

Even if there are claims out there, there is no such thing as a quick fix, as far as weight loss is concerned.

Meaning… hard work, together with any program or product, is needed for a successful weight loss achievement.

As advised by the experts, your weight control program will be more effective if this is done together with a clean and active lifestyle.

Chapter 1: Obesity In Children Is Growing At A Frighteningly Fast Rate

Chapter 2: Oatmeal – The Most Powerful Breakfast for Weight Loss

Chapter 3: Overweight Is Injurious To Teens And Kids

Chapter 4: Obesity In Teenagers And Children Is Maybe One Of The Saddest Sights

Chapter 5: Ways To Help Your Child Fight Childhood Obesity

Chapter 6: A Chapter For Your Teen – Top Tips For Weight Loss For Teens

Chapter 7: A Chapter For Parents – Discover Safe And Easy Weight Loss For Teens

Chapter 8: A Weight Loss Plan That Is Fun To Implement

Chapter 9: Emphasis On Being Thin For Teen Girls Makes Weight Loss A Major Issue

Chapter 10: Some Diet Plans For Overweight Teenage Boys

Chapter 11: Snack Ideas For Kids That Won’t Wreck *Mom’s* Diet!

Chapter 12: Biking – A Great Way To Enjoy Your Exercise

Chapter 13: Exercise Anywhere With Your Bicycle – From Beaches To Mountains To Forests

Chapter 14: Weight Control With Bowling Anyone

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Paleo Smoothies:

120 Delicious Paleo Smoothie Recipes for Alkalizing, Detoxing, Weight Loss and Optimal Health – Includes Nutritional Information & Photos

Delicious Smoothies packed with Goodness for the Entire Family!

Whether you are new to blending or a smoothie connoisseur, the Smoothie Makers’ Handbook is a must have in your journey towards great health.

What you get
This beautifully laid out book, comprises complete guidance on the smoothing making process, 120 smoothie recipes, nutritional information and full color images.

You will learn:
•how to get your pantry ready for smoothie making process
•about choosing a blender and other tools of the trade
•choosing the correct ingredients and combinations for optimal health and taste
•the correct way to store your smoothies to retain nutrients and flavour

These quick and easy recipes are inspired by the Paleo diet and lifestyle. They are also suitable for those following vegan or raw food diets. Even if you are not “on a diet”, but are simply looking for a way to quickly and easily incorporate wholesome, natural goodness into your diet, you will benefit by these smoothie recipes. Vegetables, Greens, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds have been used in these tried and tested recipes that are sure to delight you.

Take charge of your health
The accompanying nutritional information enables you to make the right choices that are unique to your individual circumstances. Recipes are also categorized according to special dietary requirements, and include:
•Alkalizing Smoothies
•Detoxing Smoothies
•Antioxidant Rich Smoothies for Anti-Aging
•Low Fructose Smoothies
•Green Smoothies
•Energizing Smoothies
•Weight Loss Smoothies
•Smoothies for Kids
•Advanced Smoothies

A cup full of goodness
Incorporating produce across the color spectrum ensures a fabulous variety of nutrients and goodness. The smoothie recipes in this book make this important aspect of natural health easy to include in your daily diet.

Gorgeous, full color photos and the accompanying guidance help you plan your smoothies ahead. They also inspire you to keep blending, and serve smoothies to your family and friends in style.

From weight loss smoothies to smoothies for kids, and more exotic blends for the advanced smoothie drinker, this smoothie recipe book has a wide variety of delicious blends that you will love.