Herb & spice companion the complete guide to over 100 herbs & spices

Herb & Spice Companion: The Complete Guide to Over 100 Herbs & Spices.

Learn how to grow, dry, store, and use over 100 herbs and spices to add flavor to your cooking!

The Herb and Spice Companion is the ultimate guide to cooking with fresh and dried herbs and spices. Discover over 100 herbs and spices from around the world in this handy book. Discover practical tips for storing and using spices to create novel flavor combinations. This is the essential guide to incorporating herbs and spices into your cooking to enhance flavor and depth. From basil to beebalm, lavender to lemon verbena, learn about the fascinating history, cultivation, harvesting, and drying of your herbs, as well as their unique medicinal properties. This is a must-have addition to anyone’s cookbook collection.