Increase Your IQ


Do you feel dejected every time your boss praises a colleague for an intelligent professional move? Do you want to become a crucial resource to your company? Do you want to top your class? Do you wish to get admission in the world’s best universities? Now there is a way you can achieve all this and more. Your dreams can become reality…  All you need is to have above-average intelligence. The magic wand can now be in your hands. Sounds unreal? No! It is possible.

Stimulate Your Intelligence Quotient And Realize Your Dreams

A person’s intelligence is measured on a scale of 55-175. Around 50% of the people fall between 85 and 115. Anyone having an IQ in this range is said to have average intelligence. Those above 115 achieve more than the average person. Be it art or science, a high IQ can mean great accomplishments. Einstein and Mozart are said to have set a record of 160 on the same graph. Only 0.13% of the population are exceptionally gifted. Do you want to walk down a similar path?

  • Learn how to increase your IQ and succeed is any aspect of life

  • Enhance your job performance, get a salary hike and improve your public image

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem. A high IQ can also help you become more optimistic in life

  • Tackle negative situations with greater zeal and take life within your stride

  • No longer do you have to feel depressed when another coworker is extolled… because you know you have the capability to outdo his performance

  • Improve your perception skills and grasp more from what you learn

  • Enhance your overall personality

  • Use your charm to make an impact on people you meet

  • Impress your seniors, colleagues, friends, and family with witty remarks

  • Be the life of parties and social gatherings and make your absence palpable

  • Improve your social connections and establish a one-to-one relationship with every acquaintance with your newfound confidence

  • Do not demand respect, command it

  • Leave a mark wherever you go

  • Become the pride of your family

  • Become popular and bask in the sunshine of admiration


Free Bonus

Beyond IQ:

Scientific Tools for Training Problem Solving, Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity

Having a high IQ is great. But surprisingly, science shows that mental abilities not captured in IQ tests can have the most impact in the real world—attributes like creativity, willpower, emotional intelligence, and intuition.

And yes—you can train those skills. In these pages, journalist Garth Sundem draws on interviews with psychology’s top experts and the latest research to show you how.

Beyond IQ is a new kind of brain training guide, one packed with useful, engaging exercises scientifically shown to help you make the most of the brain you’ve got in the arena that matters most—life!”

BEYOND IQ is filled with simple pen-and-paper exercises that will help you:
–teach your mind to hear that “eureka” moment of insight
–improve your problem-solving skills
–use divergent thinking to boost your creativity
–retrain your intuition to become more trustworthy
–avoid the cognitive “blinkering” that too often comes with expertise
–expand your working memory
–practice your performance under pressure
–improve your pattern-recognition skills
–sharpen your emotional intelligence
–strengthen your willpower

And more!