Invisible Helpers Audio Book

Connecting to and interacting with the spiritual world for protection, change, and spiritual growth. Learn to become an invisible helper.

Invisible Helpers are “… those who are able to help in a non-physical manner those who are in need of aid, whether the living or those who have just died..” as well as those who help guide sufferers during the death transition. “In his book, Invisible Helpers Leadbeater recounts numerous cases of people in distress who have been “miraculously” saved or helped by mysterious beings mistaken for “angels” but who were actually living people who were able consciously to assist others while they are in their astral bodies and their physical bodies are asleep. In many of the accounts, he referred to these as the “band of helpers” who were disciples of ADEPTS and who had the capacity to help even when out of their bodies. Leadbeater wrote that one can prepare oneself to be an invisible helper by developing certain qualities needed in treading the Path to discipleship, particularly single-mindedness, perfect self-control, calmness, knowledge, unselfishness, and love.”

17 chapters. Listen and learn at your leisure with this wonderful audiobook version of a great classic. 

Invisible Helpers Book Included

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The Energy of Money:

A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

375 Pages

A revolutionary program that can free your financial energy, increase your wealth, and help you achieve personal life goals

“Money is congealed energy,” said Joseph Campbell. And releasing it releases life’s possibilities. . . .

Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to build a powerful new relationship with their money and bring their dreams to fruition through Dr. Maria Nemeth’s dynamic workshops. Now you can, too. In The Energy of Money, Dr. Nemeth—who received an Audio Publishers Award for her Sounds True series on which this book is based—draws upon her more than twenty years’ experience in synthesizing spiritual and practical techniques for managing yourself and your work. Combining a complete self-help and self-discovery regimen with proven methods of money management, this powerhouse guide to prosperity presents twelve principles that will help you to

• Uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert your everyday use of money and personal resources
• Tame the dragons of driven behavior and busyholism
• Defuse fears of deprivation and scarcity
• Embrace and work through paradox and confusion
• Consciously focus your money energy
• Clear yourself to receive the energy and support of others and the universe
• Develop and stay on your personal path to abundance

Through easy-to-follow exercises and meditations, effective worksheets, and other interactive processes, Dr. Nemeth will guide you to financial success and help you manifest your special contribution to the world.