Ketogenic Diet:

365 Days of Keto, Low-Carb Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet 365 Days of Keto is a life-changing book for those who wish to improve their health. A Ketogenic diet is a diet that limits your carbohydrate intake, like those that can be found in starchy vegetables, grains, and some types of fruits, and emphasizes food high in protein and fat.
A Ketogenic diet is generally used for losing weight. Some low-carb diets can have some other, benefits beyond giving you a slimmer figure, for example, reduction of risk factors associated with developing Diabetes and Metabolic syndrome. The Keto diet is extremely effective to get lean because it works by resetting the body to start working using fast as fuel in absence of carbs.

This cookbook is for those who are trying to gain a slimmer figure and lose weight in a completely safe and natural way. By following the balanced Keto diet, you will be able to look and feel better. Each of the 365 recipes listed in this book has been tested and approved by our chef in order to provide you with maximum taste and nutrition and the benefit of a flattering effect on your figure. Following Keto diet is not always easy, however, the recipes listed in this cookbook help to make the Keto diet easy and simple to enjoy.

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