Life Planning Workbook

Life Planning Workbook: The Ultimate Daily Planner with Self-Help Activities and Daily Goals. Create Your Ideal Life Plan And Design The Life Of Your Dreams (How to Set Goals, Goal Setting).

Workbook for Life Planning
The Ultimate Daily Planner, Complete with Self-Help Activities and Daily Objectives Create Your Ideal Life Plan And Customize It To Your Specific Desires

This Guide will assist you in setting goals and providing daily exercises to help you achieve them. The following exercises are included in this guide:
– Experiment with the Life Wheel
– Determining what you want and establishing quantifiable goals
– Annual/monthly/weekly objectives
– Daily Objectives
– Daily challenges to one’s comfort zone
– Everyday Intentions
– Daily Exercise of Gratitude
– Daily reflections on people you’ve met and the impact you’ve had on their lives
– Daily Exercise: Learned Lessons

Take pleasure in achieving your goals and wish you an amazing year!