Look Younger Live Longer: Reverse the Aging Process in One Year Using Eastern Traditions and Modern

What if you could slow or even reverse the aging process and start to look years younger? It’s possible if you combine the latest methods of modern science with the ancient longevity methods of the eastern spiritual traditions. Modern anti-aging science – whether it references the findings of the “Blue Zones” or new approaches to diet and nutrition – shows us how to use the right exercises, diet, and vitamin-mineral supplements to turn back our biological clocks. By doing the right things we can slow or even reverse the process of aging so that we not only live longer but start to look younger and feel better too. There are also ways we can improve our home’s environment in order to enjoy cleaner air and water as well as reduce our EMF exposure to support our health and anti-aging efforts. The second approach to anti-aging relies on the eastern spiritual traditions that teach you how to eat right, exercise, and reduce stress so as to reverse the aging process. This approach – which comes from the ancient eastern schools of Yoga, Chinese Taoism, Buddhism, and other traditions – promotes breathing practices, inner energy work, meditation, and a proper diet for staying young and living longer. This road of longevity is centered on building up internal energy so that you can use its benefits for longer and healthier life. Combining the eastern and western approaches is the premier approach to life extension. It constitutes a new science of anti-aging that takes the best from the east and west to heal your body, extend your life, and benefit your mind. Inside you’ll learn the best vitamins and nutritional supplements to take in order to look younger, feel better, reverse the effects of aging you’ve already experienced and extend your life span. You’ll also discover the best eastern practices for increasing health and longevity that – although thousands of years old – not only prepare people for progress on the spiritual trail but are actually proven remedial solutions for the many aging theories proposed by geneticists. In short, you’ll find many approaches for duplicating and even going beyond the healthy anti-aging results found in the long-lived “Blue Zones” communities.