Make It Happen Audio and Ebook.

How many unachieved objectives do you currently have on your to-do list? If you’re anything like the vast majority of us, you probably have hundreds of unfinished projects, innumerable goals that you shared with friends but never followed through on, and a variety of ambitions that appear to be increasingly less and less likely to come true.

And it is for this reason that when you tell someone about your ‘next big endeavor,’ they may roll their eyes. When you begin a new weight-loss workout regimen and everyone – including you – is aware of it, you’re likely to lose interest by month two.

Or while discussing the app you aim to create, the website you intend to create, or the company venture. Or when you discuss your long-awaited trip to Japan…

This is the way many of us live. We work extremely hard at things we are not enthusiastic about in order to put food on the table, yet we are astonishingly unsuccessful at realizing our ambitions.

It’s past time to change all of that and begin achieving those goals. However, how do you turn it completely around?