Mind maps for kids

Mind Maps For Kids: An Introduction

Mind Mapping is a revolutionary method of planning and note-taking that significantly reduces homework time and makes schoolwork enjoyable. Tony Buzan’s first book for a younger audience, Mind Maps for Kids is appropriate for children ages 7 to 14.

Tony Buzan has been teaching children worldwide for thirty years and has demonstrated that Mind Maps are the classroom’s magic formula: remembering facts and figures is a breeze, planning is a breeze, and getting stuck for an answer is a thing of the past.

Tony Buzan demonstrates this remarkable system through step-by-step examples in every subject across the curriculum in Mind Maps for Kids. He demonstrates how simple Mind Mapping is and how it can assist children in

• improved memory and concentration

• take more precise and accurate notes

• study for and ace exams!

• generate new ideas and stimulate the imagination

• conserve time

Mind Maps for Kids is a full-color workbook that emphasizes having fun while learning. Along with memory and concentration tips, the book is jam-packed with jokes, cartoons, and brainteasers.

Mind Mapping is a time-saving technique that puts children one step (and sometimes miles!) ahead of the competition.