My Travels In The Spirit World: By Caroline D Larsen

Mrs. Caroline D. Larsen was the wife of Professor Alfred Larsen, a violin instructor at Vermont’s Middlebury College. He achieved a level of distinction that qualified him for inclusion in Who’s Who in America. Mrs. Larsen had previously published a collection of short stories in the Danish language. In 1927, she published My Travels in the Spirit World. She detailed the following experiences in that book.

Her first encounter with life outside of her body

She had retired rather early one evening in the autumn of 1918. She awoke on the floor, staring down at her own physical body lying in her bed. She recognized each line on her familiar face, but it appeared pale and still, as if in death. She then took a look around the room. Everything appeared to be as natural as it had ever been. There was the small table with books and trinkets; there was the bureau, the dresser, the large armchair, the smaller chairs, the green carpet on the floor, and the red wall paper with its urn and flower pattern.

She cast another glance at the body, which appeared to be dead. She then turned and proceeded to the restroom. As she ascended the stairwell, she heard music emanating from the basement, where her husband was rehearsing a string quartet. She recognized the lovely Adagio from Beethoven’s Opus 127 Quartet with delight. She then walked over to a large mirror that hung above the washbasin. She went through the motions of turning on the light by force of habit but discovered that her fingers did not move the switch. However, illumination was unnecessary.

When she looked in the mirror for the first time, she realized she had undergone an incredible transformation. Instead of a middle-aged woman, she saw the figure of an eighteen-year-old girl. She recognized the shape and characteristics of her own adolescence, but they were more beautiful. She extended her hand in front of her face, closing and opening her fingers. They appeared to be light and delicate. Despite this, she felt no lack of strength in them or a change in sensation when she moved them. She exuded boundless joy and zeal.

‘I will descend and present myself to my husband and the quartet’s other members,’ she reflected. She began carrying out this idea as soon as she had conceived it. Rather than having to exert conscious effort to move her legs, as we do in the physical body, she discovered that she could move with the freedom of thought.

However, she was ordered to return.

As she approached the small platform that divided the stairway into two flights, she saw a woman’s spirit dressed in gleaming garments standing before her, arm outstretched and forefinger pointed upward. The spirit’s face was determined, and she asked sternly, ‘Where are you going? Return to your body!’ Mrs. Larsen intuitively recognized that there was no appeal from this command and authority. She turned reluctantly, reclimbed the stairs, walked down the hall into her bedroom, and up to her bed. Her physical body remained as immobile and lifeless as it had been when she left. She regarded it with contempt and disappointment, but in an instant, she had reclaimed her physical form.

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