Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares Planetary Angels and Spirits of Ceremonial Magic

Occult Encyclopedia of Magick Squares: Planetary Angels and Spirits of Ceremonial Magick.  This is not a standard reprint of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy’s common magical squares. Not even remotely close! This Occult Encyclopedia contains hundreds of new magical squares based on ancient Near Eastern master sages’ secret esoteric techniques. Did you know that each magic square has four distinct forms, one for each of the Elements? Did you know that each square contains up to eight Angels and eight Genies unique to that square? Did you know that all magic squares contain a secret mathematical code? Even the most seasoned modern-day ceremonial magician is unaware of the depths of the art of magic squares. The Occult Encyclopedia of Magical Squares contains information that will help you approach talismanic magic more effectively. Additionally, it contains hundreds of completed squares for the following: Archangels and Angels of the Zodiac Planetary Archangels and Angels Planetary Intelligences and Spirits Spirits of the Olympics By Day and Night Angels, Lords of Zodiacal Triplicities Taking control of the 12 Houses Astrological Decanates and Quinces Angels You’ll receive hundreds of magical squares to aid in the summoning and assistance of over 200 spiritual beings. This is a must-have for serious seekers, regardless of which magical tradition they practice.