Places of Power A Book about Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Mind, Body, Aura and Alternative Spiritual Holistic Healing

Places of Power: A Book about Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Mind, Body, Aura and Alternative Spiritual Holistic Healing. Ljubisa Stojanovic is a Doctor of Energy Information Sciences, a member of the International Academy of Energy-Informative Sciences, and an active member of the International Academy of Energy-Informative Sciences. He has devoted himself entirely to research and healing in the field of spiritual healing energies since 1986. Mr. Stojanovic has developed his own line of healing products, including energy medicine, talismans, a family guardian, five different types of creams, a healing patch, and photographs.

“In the summer of 1997, while deeply meditating, I received information about a place of power that I had never heard of. This location is in a temple in Jaipur, a city located approximately 200 kilometers south of New Delhi. It was founded 138,000 years ago, when human civilization was still in its infancy, and it continues to operate today. It is the world’s most powerful location, the one about which I will obtain detailed information, and the one which I must visit soon. Finally, I was told that through deep meditation, I would gain knowledge about the places of power, which would lead me to the reasons for their emergence, development, essence, and significance in the development of human civilization. That knowledge is sacred, as it cannot be obtained through human research methods. It is only transmissible via spiritual beings.

The transfer of knowledge regarding positions of power began on January 1, 1998, and lasted for two months.

The knowledge I received taught me that the human race’s development can be divided into two phases: before and after human contact with luminous bodies (special spiritual energies) and places of power. Prior to contact, the human race developed naturally, just like all other living things. Following contact, each individual’s development accelerated dramatically as a result of the luminous bodies’ activation of creativity and development of intelligence. Thus, over the last 140,000 years, the human race has evolved tens of thousands of times, rather than twice, as the other most developed animal species have. Large civilizations or nations, such as the Mayas, Aztecs, and Romans, were launched from positions of power. The Creator assigned a mission to the positions of authority, which they have been carrying out ever since.

Powerful positions have the responsibility, among other things, to regenerate the Earth’s aura, thereby reducing the risk of cataclysms and the annihilation of all living things. The purpose of power centers is to safeguard all of the solar system’s planets and to aid in their preservation.
After contacting the spiritual being and the place of power in Jaipur in the spring, I was led to the decision to take my family over there in September of this year, which included a smaller group of people who had been using my method of meditation.

There, I will receive significant incentives to further my development. Naturally, this will also happen to the other members of the group, depending on their developmental stage.

However, I needed to fulfill one condition in order for this visit to be beneficial to my development:

Prior to embarking on this journey, I must pen a book titled “Places of Power”!

Although I was extremely busy and had limited time, I accepted this challenge in order to provide an opportunity for myself and the group members to connect with this critical link in our spiritual development.”

Never before had a man been so close to advancing his development as he was now when he discovered the existence, contents, and purpose of the places of power. As a result, the book “Places of Power” you are currently reading is priceless, as it will open the eyes of a large number of people and point them in the right direction.