Power Breathing Breathe Your Way to Inner Power

Power Breathing: Breathe Your Way to Inner Power, Stress Reduction, Performance Enhancement, Optimum Health & Fitness. Power Breathing Can Rejuvenate Your Energy! Sang H. Kim, a martial arts expert and author of Power Breathing for Life, shows you simple breathing exercises that you can practice anywhere, in as little as sixty seconds, to relieve stress, improve your fitness level, and instantly feel better. Are you unfamiliar with breathing exercises? Begin with Gentle Breathing, a straightforward technique for reconnecting with your body and initiating your path toward fresh vitality. When you’re ready, combine the foundational Power Breathing exercises of Steady, Staccato, and Explosive breathing to create a total-body revitalizing workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Finally, focus on problem areas with Healing Breathing’s 10 exercises for tension release and increased flexibility with controlled breathing. Apart from the exercises and workouts, this book discusses how and why Power Breathing works, as well as how to maximize the benefits of your breathing practice. It offers modifications to make the exercises more or less demanding, depending on your fitness level, and guides you through each breathing technique step by step with photographs, diagrams, and simple directions. Discover the secrets to a successful Power Breathing workout, including the revolutionary notion of condensing, which is the key to developing inner strength and channeling your body’s fundamental energy. Power Breathing is a wonderful approach to increase lung capacity, strengthen the torso’s core muscles, boost stamina, alleviate tension, and channel inner energy. Its concepts can be used to practice in martial arts, yoga, tai chi, and a variety of aerobic sports.