Power Up Your Mind Learn faster, work smarter2

Power Up Your Mind: Learn faster, work smarter.

Bill Lucas, a leading international expert on lifelong learning, demonstrates that while we have learned more about how the brain works in the last decade than we have ever known, the majority of people grasp and apply only a fraction of what we have learned. For the first time, Power Up Your Mind puts this practical knowledge into practice and demonstrates how to learn.

Using research from a variety of fields, including neuroscience and psychology, motivation theory and accelerated learning, memory, and diet, this book demonstrates how everyone has the potential to succeed and how the majority of people utilize only a small portion of their talents. Understanding how the brain works is critical for effective learning, and unlike the majority of recent thinking on the mind, Lucas connects an understanding of the brain to the realities of the workplace, translating what we know about the brain into useful insights for work.

Much work-based training is ineffective because the majority of people are neither emotionally prepared nor pragmatically inclined to apply their new knowledge to their behavior. Power Up Your Mind introduces a new learning model – READY, GO, STEADY – that will transform the way you learn and perform.