Preventing Childhood Obesity

Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health In The Balance

Over the last century, children’s health has made tremendous strides. In general, life expectancy has increased by more than thirty years since 1900, with a large portion of this increase attributable to decreased infant and early childhood mortality. Given this trajectory toward a healthier childhood, the twenty-first century begins with a startling development—an epidemic of childhood and adolescent obesity. The rise in the number of obese children in the United States over the last 25 years has prompted policymakers to label it one of the most serious public health threats of the twenty-first century.

Preventing Childhood Obesity examines the nature, extent, and consequences of obesity in children and adolescents in the United States, as well as the social, environmental, medical, and dietary factors contributing to its increased prevalence. Additionally, the book includes a prevention-focused action plan that identifies the most promising short- and long-term interventions, as well as recommendations for the roles and responsibilities of numerous stakeholders across multiple sectors of society in order to prevent future occurrences. Preventing Childhood Obesity delves into the root causes of this serious health problem and the steps necessary to initiate, support, and sustain the societal and lifestyle changes necessary to reversing the trend among our children and adolescents.