Quiet The Mind Meditation:

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Meditation for Ultimate Relaxation

This meditation is specifically designed to help you quiet the mind and achieve total relaxation.

Are you among those individuals who have considered altering your lifetime and time again but never got round to it? Here’s your chance to decelerate and enjoy the soothing effects of meditation.

A guided meditation is a series of easy-to-follow commands that bring you to a state of vibrant stillness. Simply relax and follow the instructions.

During the meditation your pulse will slow down, your body will relax and your mind becomes focused and calm. After the session, you’ll feel invigorated.

The more you practice the deeper the meditation takes you. Meditation is fun and simple to learn. All you truly need is a 15-minute coffee break, so fitting it into a crazy busy schedule is really feasible. The thing that matters here is quality, not quantity.

Present yourself a soothing start of the day by listening to a guided meditation first thing in the morning or dramatically better the quality of sleep by meditating just before turning in at night.

Free Bonus

To Flow-er is to FLOW

Breath is Life and Life is Relationship.
Breath, Breathing, is giving and receiving. You have to give before you can receive. You cannot accept your next breath until you give the present one away, EXHALE.
In the same light, Love is not Love until it is given away. And the law is that the more Love you give the more you get.

This amazing book will lead you on a journey of complete success in all that you do. Enjoy!