Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?

Gary Thomas reveals how your marriage can become a gateway to a more intimate walk with God and each other in this popular bestselling book.

What if God’s primary goal for your marriage isn’t for you to be happy, but for you to be holy? What if your relationship is more about you and God than it is about you and your spouse?

Beginning with the realization that the purpose of marriage is greater than personal happiness, bestselling author Gary Thomas invites you to consider how God can use marriage as a discipline and motivation to love God more and reflect more of his Son’s character.

Along with life-changing insights from Scripture, church history, and time-tested wisdom from Christian classics, you’ll discover practical tools and techniques for enhancing the happiness of your marriage by becoming holier husbands and wives.

Sacred Marriage demonstrates how successful marriages…

Educate us in how to love God and others well.
Expose sin and arouse us to God’s presence
Encourage effective prayer.
Develop a sexual relationship that nourishes your spiritual life and much more
This book will most certainly change you, with its provocative discussion questions for couples and small groups. Because regardless of how delightful or difficult your marriage is, it has the potential to become a gateway to a more intimate relationship with God.