Sacred Plant Medicine: The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism.

The first comprehensive analysis of Native American medical herbalism’s holy foundations

• Describes how shamans and healers communicate with plants to learn about their medicinal characteristics.

• Each of the plants analyzed has its own set of prayers and medical chants.

• Written by the author of Plants’ Secret Teachings.

Plants were used for everything on Earth as humans evolved, including food, weapons, baskets, clothing, housing, and medicine. Indigenous peoples all across the world have been able to learn about plant uses by interacting directly with plants and acknowledging the sacred relationship that exists between them and the natural world.

Stephen Harrod Buhner analyzes the long-standing relationship between indigenous peoples and plants in Sacred Plant Medicine, as well as the techniques and states of mind that these societies employ to interact with the natural world. He delves into the sacred nature of plant-human connections, as well as the realm where plants are seen as expressions of Spirit. Buhner provides medicinal uses, preparation recommendations, and ceremonial aspects such as prayers and medicine songs for each healing plant detailed in the book.