Serenity Meditation Audio Books & eBook

Meditation for Serenity: Today and every day, explores how meditation can assist you in finding tranquility. What about those stressful moments during the day? Learn how to incorporate meditation into your virtual workplace and develop inner peace while releasing stress. Follow the audio guided meditations to help you maneuver through a variety of life situations. This book is about different ways we can claim happiness each day, especially for those who must now work remotely. My goal is to reveal how serenity and peace of mind are all around, just waiting to be embraced. By way of achieving this goal, we’ll discuss how personal space can be used to invite happiness or shun it. We’ll focus on the power of meditation to overcome anxiety and corral stress. Finally, we take up a challenge, a 10 workday long series of meditations that will allow you to develop your own framework for lasting serenity.