Souping – The New Juicing – Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss (Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss, Juicing

Featured in national publications such as Woman’s World magazine and the Los Angeles Times, Cherie Calbom is a leading authority on health and detoxification. Her latest book, Souping Is the New Juicing, offers an introduction into the quickly growing popularity of souping and its many benefits.

This book reveals the advantages of eating soup for internal cleansing, weight loss, healing, and renewed energy. You will learn to make various types of soups, from warm, hearty soups to chilled, pureed soups, to simple broths.

Health-conscious people who have tried juicing but found it to be too inconvenient, too time-consuming, or too unsatisfying will benefit from this well-crafted, motivational health guide to all things soup.

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The Best Raw Food RECIPES: How To Eat Yourself Healthy

Junk food is not natural. Natural alone will endure. Natural eating has endured for thousands of years. Without ever having to spend billions of dollars on marketing. Eating simple and natural is only common sense. An error does not become true because of repeated advertising. Nor does truth become an error because nobody sees it. What you eat every day expresses your priority. Is your priority to be healthy, energetic, and happy? Make the world a better place? Or do you prefer to not having to think or plan, zap TV at home, stay in your comfort zone, and be accepted and liked by others? This is what you have to ask yourself. What is your true priority? Decide and live by it. Your priority is your goal. To remind yourself daily and motivate yourself to pursue it, write your own goal down a paper and stick it on your fridge, make it your computer password, set an alarm in your calendar to remind you regularly, post an inspiring quote or picture in your bathroom or mirror, read books about the subject, listen to tapes, watch DVDs and go to meetings where the subject of your goal is discussed. Break your goal down into small and easy to do everyday tasks. Then just go.