Spiritual Supremacy

Spirituality has various meanings. Some books defined it as a journey of self-improvement and self discovery. Others also define spirituality as the opposite of religion. For better understanding about spirituality, here are some of its definitions:
The concept of a process of learning not only who you want to be, but also who you are. It is the connection to you and to other people. Spirituality is personal and rooted in the connection with the people around you. Refers to purpose, meaning and direction. It helps in reaching conclusions, embraces the idea of moving forward and searching in the direction or meaning for your life.

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The spiritual life – Intuition

Awakening your Spiritual Awareness: Over 300 Pages

A truly extraordinary and life changing book. 

The key to living spiritually in the modern world, says this classic writer, “depends upon one’s attitude.” The principles Besant set forth over 70 years ago are no different today. She shows that the value of the spiritual path is not in the goal but in the striving, and offers clear principles for those with the courage to try.