The Art of Lucid Dreaming: The Pursuit of Conscious Dream

You’ll learn how to have lucid dreams from an expert in conscious dream control in this comprehensive beginner’s guide. Rebecca Turner, creator of the popular website World of Lucid Dreaming, walks you through the fundamentals of sleep and dream research and teaches you how to develop a mindset that facilitates lucid dreaming whenever you want.
Rebecca, who taught herself to lucid dream as a teenager, guides you through all the common pitfalls and expedites your entry into the world of conscious dreams. With her simplified techniques, which are laid out in easy-to-follow chapters, you’ll have a variety of options for achieving lucidity and initiating your nighttime adventures.
This extraordinary book will forever alter your fantasy life.

Lucid Dreaming – What Is It? Lucid dreaming is the ability to become conscious while dreaming, arousing the sleeping brain, enabling lifelike perception of the dream world, and granting the dreamer complete control over the dream’s events.

What Is the Experience of Lucid Dreaming Like? Lucid dreaming resembles a virtual reality world in which the dreamer’s mind controls people, objects, landscapes, plots, and themes. It is intensely vivid, tactile, emotional, and enjoyable!

Why The Lucid Dreaming Art? This book aims to transform complete beginners into master lucid dreamers through first-hand knowledge and insights. Rebecca explains the simplest routes to lucid dreaming for people of all ages and levels of experience in this section. The result is straightforward, approachable, and packed with proven tips on the science of lucid dreaming, acting as your co-pilot during your nightly Dreamtime adventures.